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Holiday & Office Party DJ


There are many benefits to having an office party during the holiday season… or at any other time of the year!


Allows staff to “bond” in a more relaxed, casual environment away from work.  Improves morale among staff. Strengthens relations between staff and management by showing your staff that you appreciate their work.  Sure, there are some cons — parties cost money and they take time to be planned properly. But happy workers tend to be more productive workers, so treating your staff to an office party can be a worthwhile investment.


Q: Aren’t office parties expensive?


A: They certainly can be, but they don’t need to be. With careful planning, you’ll find options for every budget. For example, hiring a DJ (like me) is usually less expensive than a live band. Some venues offer lower rates for . Here are some other cost-controlling strategies:Later Date: As suggested earlier, consider postponing your party until January. Some venues offer discounts or throw in extra freebies to attract business during the post-holiday slump.Food Costs: Have attendees pay a nominal fee towards food costs. Or, if you choose a venue that doesn’t cater, make it a “pot luck” party where everyone brings a dish to pass.Limit the Bar: As suggested above, there are strategies to keep your company’s bar tab from spiraling out of control… or don’t even have an open bar at all.

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