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My name is Troy Burks and I am a DJ because I have loved music for as long as I can remember.  I developed my love from my parents always playing music and having parties over the years. I became fascinated with DJ'ing when I attended an event at a public park as a youth. I saw everyone dancing and one guy behind these large speakers dancing in place. I became curious and went to see what was going on. My older friend told me he was the DJ playing the music everyone was dancing too. I heard two different songs played one after another and I heard everyone dancing yell!  I thought that was cool and he saw me and asked me what I wanted to hear? I said "Play at your own risk", and he gave me a thumbs up!  While I was dancing with a cute girl I heard the song come on and the crowd went crazy and I know I wanted to be a DJ some day.  After that I would make mix cassette tapes by recording and basically cutting and pasting songs together. My friends started asking me where I got my tapes from and when I told them I made them and they all wanted one.  

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I went into the Air Force some years later and I bought my 1st few records and some basic Technic turntables and I started learning how to mix songs in my dorm making mix tapes again.  They were not very good at 1st and I got the name Bruce because the songs were really chopped up. As the weeks went on I got better and my tapes did as well and my my room mate and a guy who could really mix started calling me DJ T.

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Over the years my passion for music grew as I started listening to all types of music. My friends were asking for mix tapes again as  I  became pretty good at selecting music that got the crowd hype and now I can do the same for all genres but mainly Oldschool R&B Hip Hop, 80's Rock and Disco, 80s and 90 Dance House and industrial, along with today's Top 40.  I also play Latin Reggae Reggae-ton and a little bit of country.   I create playlists that maximize smooth transitions to keep the party flowing.   

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Uplighting for a Wedding Reception

I am available for weddings, parties, corporate events, and any other special occasions. 

I offer custom wedding packages and I work with most any budget.  Peaple I've worked with have stated I am a professional, reliable, affordable, DJ because it's true.   I offer very competitive rates and I recently upgraded my system to the latest technology, including lights and superb sound. I will arrive at least 1-hour early to setup my equipment and I when requsted I provide a dedicated microphone for guest use.   I can help you create a distinctive playlist to fit your unique style and tastes. I love working with all my clients to create a  special and memorable experience! 

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